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6X6 Stainless Steel Arbor

This machine made by Our Company in an all 304 grade stainless steel construction, 3/4" stainless steel shafts and ball bearings. It also has a rear mounting plate and motor hood, We also can supply a adjustable drip water system with 6 valves for each wheel. Water system mounts are on the back of the machine. The Cover has four hold down screws for easy removal, the shaft is tapped for a ¼-20 spin-on polish head at both ends, the machine comes with only a right hand spin on head and features a front drain valve. accepts silicon carbide or diamond wheels or rubber expandable drums.


  1. 3/4" stainless steel shafts and protected ball bearing

  2. Ø 220/240/110V optional

  3. Machine Dimensions – 660mm W x 330mm L x 215mm H

  4. 1 year warranty on machine and motor (motor can ships separately) 

  5. Machine without motor wt.

  6. Motor with centrifugal switch wt.

  7. Drip Water Tank

  8. includes spacers, flanges each 12pcs and motor pulley

  9. Each one of 6"x1.5" 280 Grit,600 Grit,1200 Grit,3000 Grit Diamond Soft Grinding Wheels

  10. One 6"x1.5" 80 Grit,220 Grit Diamond Hard Grinding Wheel

  11. One 6"x1/2" 360 Grit Diamond Standard Faceting Lap

  12. One 6" 14000 Grit Diamond Prepolishing Pad

6x6 Whees Stainless Steel Arbor