Cloth Emerizing

Matchpoint is an international provider for developing sueding products according to customer demands. We are textile engineers and understand end-users needs in surface finishing and are able to recommend the correct technology according customer machine type and their different fabrics.
HANS Diamond Emery wet emerising surface finishing for textiles diamond sanding strips for textile Cloth emerizing breakage for bottomwear / shirting fabric / home textile / denim fabrics, allowing for continuous textile sueding production without interruption for strip replacement. Strips will completely wear before needing replaced, resulting in increased, predictable performance and production.These strips can be wrapped around a dowel or mounted on a flat surface for a long-lasting cutting surface.Good for smoothing and shaping most materials. These strips have a diamond grit that is similar to that of our tone hole files.Can apply to Horizontal emerzing machine  tambour emerizing machine vertical emerizing machine wet emerizing machine.

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